Wood Waste Recycling

Wood Waste Recyling Program

Custom Pallet is doing its part to support our environment. Our state of the art grinding equipment processes old pallets and wood waste from our operations and other sources. This material is converted into recycled wood fiber. The wood fiber is then used as:

  • Boiler Fuel
  • Landscape Mulch
  • Animal Bedding
  • Board Furnish
  • Or other wood-recyclable products.

The Recycling Process

1. Sort, Repair, Reuse

When we receive discarded pallets our primary goal is to sort, repair and reuse as many pallets as possible.

2. Disassemble

Our secondary goal is to disassemble those pallets that are not useable and recover the components for use in our pallet repair and remanufactured pallet assembly.

3. Grind Into Wood Fiber

Only after not being able to satisfy either of our first two goals is a pallet ground into recycled wood fiber. Custom Pallet processs 90 tons per day, thereby preventing 45,000,000 pounds of urban wood waste per year from being disposed of in urban landfills.

Prior to 1990, there was limited recycling of wood waste in the United States. Today, EPA estimates there are more than 500 wood recycling facilities across the country. Custom Pallet is proud to be among them.

Custom Pallet is happy to work with you to find a cost effective solution to dispose of your unwanted pallets and wood waste.

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