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  Custom Pallet Sales  
Custom Pallet offers a wide variety of pallet sales options to suit your needs.  From various recycled grades, to new and custom size pallets, contact Custom Pallet to develop a service plan that meets your needs.

Custom Pallet & Crating offers the following pallet product options for your company's pallet needs.  Native hardwoods and softwoods are used to make over 150 sizes of pallets for our customers. Pallet Design System, our pallet engineering software with 3D design and weight analysis, is available to fit a pallet to your precise needs.  No pallet is too small or too large for us to handle.

  Standard 48 x 40 4-Way GMA Style Pallets    <<Large Inventory - ready for use>>
Custom Pallet & Crating specializes in 48x40 4-way GMA style pallets.
  • A variety of grades are available to meet your specific application.
  • Our Quality Control Program featuring Pallet Track is unique allowing us to account for each pallet. Each pallet is bar coded identifying CPC, the grade, and the repair technician. You do not pay for poor quality pallets!
  • Large inventories are maintained to ensure constant availability.
  • We deliver 100 to 10,000 of our 5 Grades of Pallets.

      48X40 #1 CLUB GRADE             48X40 #1 PREMIUM GRADE          48X40  #1 STANDARD GRADE

      48X40 #2 GRADE                        48X40 #3 GRADE   

Call or e-mail us to discuss which pallet best meets your needs!

  Custom and Remanufactured Pallets
Replacing your new pallets with recycled and remanufactured pallets offers substantial savings. Custom Pallet customers save approximately 25% by using remanufactured pallets.  Besides the obvious cost savings, remanufactured pallets have many advantages over new pallets.

  • Recycled/remanufactured pallets have a lower moisture content eliminating mold, deck board warping and pallet deflection.
  • The low moisture content means recycled pallets weigh less reducing strain on your pallet handling associates.
  • Recycled pallets require less lead-time. Custom Pallet maintains an inventory of a dozen sizes in stock at all times. In addition, Custom Pallet builds pallets from recycled lumber to fit your exact specifications.
  • Recycled pallets can be ordered in less than truckload quantities.
  • Recycled pallets are the GREEN answer! Did you know? On average that one tree produces only six new pallets.
  • Using recycled pallets helps your plant meet any company initiated recycling programs.


Pallet Sizes Kept in Inventory
48 x 40 #1 CLUB 48 x 40 #2
48 x 40 #1 PREMIUM 48 x 40 #3
48 x 40 #1 STANDARD  
32 x 32 45 x 30
36 x 36 46 x 46
36 x 48 48 x 24
37 x 32 48 x 48
40 x 32 54 x 54
40 x 36 60 x 30
40 x 40 62 x 48
42 x 30 75 x 30
42 x 36 96 x 30
42 x 42  
44 x 44  

  New Pallets
If your company absolutely requires new pallets our network of supplier associates are ready to provide high quality, timely new pallets.


You do not pay for poor quality pallets!   

Plywood enclosed crates, open style lumber crates, and various other types of boxes and crates are available for domestic and export use.

     custom pallet and crating, inc.     custom pallet and crating, inc. 

Let's discuss your needs, call us @ (704) 921-1100 or solutions@custompallet.net


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