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From 1 to 20 trucks per week, Custom Pallet can provide the services you need for efficient and cost-effective pallet management.  We have a pallet solution for you!


Custom Pallet & Crating, Inc. is a pallet manufacturer and recycler located in Charlotte, NC.  We process over 45,000 pallets each week from our two facilities in Charlotte. Our own fleet of 9 drivers and 200 trailers  serves our customers located within a 150-mile radius of Charlotte.  Our Services Include:

             Recycled or New Pallets                           Pallet Removal & Wood Waste Disposal
             Pallet Management Systems                  On-Site Pallet Repair and Pallet Sorting
      On-Site Pallet Manufacturing                   Custom Wood Crate Manufacturing
             Pallet Inventory Management                 Pallet Painting
             Heat Treated Pallets & Wood
              Packaging for Export

Pallet Purchase Programs
We buy
48 x 40 4-Way pallets in full tractor trailer loads.
     All odd sizes and scrap pallets are often removed at no charge.
     Drop trailers are available.
     Our Pallet Track System ensures accurate grading and tracking
        of your loads.
     Monthly Pallet Activity Reports are issued detailing your pallet activity.


Pallet Repair Programs
We can pick-up, repair, and return your pallets.
     Custom Pallet offers quality repairs to your specifications.
     Your non-specification pallets can be purchased.
     Drop trailers are available.
     Monthly Pallet Activity Reports are issued detailing your pallet activity.

On-Site Pallet Management Programs

What is On-Site Pallet Management?
 On-Site Pallet Management is a program tailored to take your company out of the pallet business and allow you to return to your core responsibilities of product distribution.  Many companies have found that these programs increase their efficiencies and lower their costs, allowing them to focus on their core business.  The advantages and goals of these programs are:

  • The DC focused on its core responsibilities of distribution rather than on non-productive pallet activities.
  • Labor costs associated with pallet sortation, pallet unloading, and pallet loading is eliminated.
  • An agreed upon inventory of good pallets is maintained for the DC's usage.
  • Pallet handling within, as well as in and out of the DC is reduced.
  • More precise sorting occurs providing more quality pallets for the DC's operation.


For more details on this program, check out our Custom Partnering Solutions page.


Let's discuss your needs: solutions@custompallet.net


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